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We offer customized solutions across various industries, focusing on high performance and environmental responsibility. Our approach includes a smart, sustainable ecosystem integrating agriculture, energy, and local solutions.

About Us


Integrating IT, agriculture, and energy within the community reduces dependence on external sources, which is particularly vital during natural disasters. This self-sufficiency not only ensures continuous access to essential services but also fortifies community resilience against disruptions.


Adopting localized information systems, agriculture, and energy solutions drastically reduces transportation costs, minimizes CO2 emissions, and curtails losses during transit. This strategy enhances operational efficiency and promotes environmental sustainability.


Full control over key resources like information, food, and energy supply empowers communities to manage these assets according to their specific needs and goals. This sovereignty enables more effective decision-making and sustainable preservation of resources.

A Green Approach to IT Infrastructure

Join Axal on a journey to a future where tech innovation and eco-consciousness unite. Our strategic model leverages solar panels on vertical farms to power essential IT operations and promote sustainable agriculture. By skillfully reusing server-generated heat, we protect crops in winter and facilitate the production of dried goods in summer, creating a continuous, symbiotic cycle between IT and agriculture.


Our Core Values

Our commitment to shaping a sustainable and equitable world is embodied in our core values.

Holistic Sustainability

We adopt a comprehensive approach to sustainability, emphasizing innovation and responsibility in every action, decision, and investment we make. We actively seek to reduce our carbon footprint through sustainable IT infrastructure, utilizing renewable energy, eco-efficient solutions, and responsible consumption and production.

Empowered and Ethical Decision-Making

Every member of the Axal team is empowered to make conscientious decisions that align with our commitment to environmental stewardship and ethical conduct. We strive to make choices that are in harmony with our ethical and environmental ethos, promoting a culture of integrity and respect.

Community Collaboration and Learning

We value community and collaborative learning, working cohesively with various stakeholders to share knowledge and drive positive change. We invest in continuous learning to stay abreast of evolving sustainable technologies and practices, ensuring our contribution to global sustainability dialogues is informed and impactful.

Environmental Advocacy and Stewardship

Our dedication to environmental conservation and climate resilience is unwavering. We champion practices that protect biodiversity and advocate for holistic approaches to environmental preservation, striving to be responsible stewards of the planet and proponents of a sustainable future.

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What make us Stand Out

Axal innovatively merges IT and sustainability, directing cool and hot air from IT operations to sustain agriculture and warm workspaces. Our greenhouses, powered by solar and hydro energy, not only supply a sustainable energy source but also provide critical irrigation for crops, embodying our commitment to intertwining robust technology and ecological responsibility across various industry sectors.


Greenhouses cleverly support solar panels, forming a dual-purpose system that harnesses solar energy for IT infrastructure while shading and warming underlying crops. This integration cultivates a self-sustaining, eco-friendly energy system, marrying technological needs with sustainable agriculture in a symbiotic, autonomous relationship.

Server Racks

Server racks, meticulously stacked and enclosed to protect against humidity, leverage dual-purpose climate control: cool air is channeled from below for optimal IT operations, while the resultant hot air is expelled upward, warming the greenhouse and nurturing crops.

Solar & Hydro Energy

Solar and hydro energy unite to sustainably power IT and agricultural systems in the greenhouse. Solar panels double as crop shade and energy sources, while hydro energy supports technological and irrigation needs, creating a cohesive, eco-efficient cycle that promotes simultaneous technological and agricultural growth.

Vertical Crops

Leveraging vertical agriculture maximizes space and supplies fresh produce to nearby residents. Utilizing hot air from IT infrastructure ensures continual crop growth in winter and a practical means for drying produce in summer, melding technological and agricultural proficiency seamlessly.

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