Sustainable IT Ecosystem Services

As an intermediary for the various experts required to build a comprehensive and sustainable IT solution, Axal would function as the orchestrator and integrator of multiple disciplines, creating a cohesive ecosystem where technology meets sustainability. Here’s how Axal could weave these services together:


We collaborate with renewable energy consultants to ensure that solar and hydro energy solutions are viable and optimized for the dual demands of IT infrastructure and greenhouse energy needs.

Design and

We manage the construction of greenhouses engineered for dual purposes, coordinating with designers to construct environments that support both sustainable agriculture and IT infrastructure.


We oversee the integration of agricultural technology services, tailoring vertical farming systems to benefit from the greenhouse conditions, thus creating a synergy between crop production and server environment.

IT Infrastructure

Have you ever had a problem with a burned light? Thanks to the effort of Thomas Edison we no longer need to invent a light bulb. We just go to the store.


We work with HVAC specialists to install climate control systems that smartly distribute air, providing necessary cooling for IT operations and redirecting waste heat to assist plant growth.


We engage energy efficiency auditors to assess and improve the energy consumption of both the IT and agricultural components, aiming for minimal carbon footprint and maximum energy savings.


We bring in sustainable architecture experts to design a structure that integrates IT operations within a greenhouse, focusing on functionality and environmental consciousness.

Water Management
and Irrigation

We develop water management and irrigation systems, using expert knowledge to craft solutions that efficiently use water for energy generation and crop irrigation.


We ensure compliance with environmental regulations and standards, promoting sustainable practices throughout all systems.

Heat Utilization

We implement methods for waste heat recovery from IT operations, enhancing agricultural yields by redirecting this energy into the greenhouse.

Renewable Energy System
Installation and Maintenance

We manage the installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems, ensuring their efficient operation.

Software Development for Integrated Systems

We develop custom software solutions to manage the interconnected systems of IT and agriculture, facilitating seamless communication and operation.

Research and Development
in AgriTech

We lead R&D efforts in AgriTech to stay at the cutting edge of innovation, incorporating new agricultural technologies into the existing setup.

Supply Chain Management
for Vertical Farming

We oversee the supply chain from seed to market, ensuring that vertically farmed produce reaches consumers effectively.

Data Analytics Services

We use big data analytics to refine the operations of both IT and agricultural components, optimizing yields and minimizing resource waste.

Cooling System Designers

We collaborate with engineers to create cooling systems that meet the needs of IT hardware and are compatible with the thermal dynamics of the greenhouse environment.

Educational and
Training Services

We educate staff and stakeholders on the operational benefits and procedures of the integrated systems to ensure effective management.

Supply Chain Management
for Vertical Farming

We oversee the supply chain from seed to market, ensuring that vertically farmed produce reaches consumers effectively.

Marketing and PR Services

We use strategic marketing and public relations to showcase our innovative approach, illustrating the unique integration of IT and sustainable agriculture to potential clients and the public.

Legal and Regulatory Advisory

We navigate the complex legal and regulatory framework, ensuring compliance across the integrated system and mitigating legal and regulatory risks.